The Casbah

The Casbah is a house located somewhere in state college, Pa that houses a variety of dumpster diving vagabonds. The authorship of this blog will consist of its lowlife residents. We will be periodically posting anything we like.

The name of our house was derived from a French film The Battle of Algiers. The movie focuses on the city of Algiers during the last years of the France’s colonial rule. The strictly Arab part of town where all the terrorists lived was called the Casbah. It was sectioned off from the rest of the city, it had a strict curfew and all Arabs that left the Casbah had to go through check points where they were searched. There was an unwritten rule in the Casbah that if someone was running away from the authorities past curfew, you would take that person and shelter them in your home with out questioning the motives of your guest.

The name is pretentious but we do house people under the radar of our Landlord and we are trying to live up to the name.


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