Update on Residents

The Casbah has been quite lonely the past week. Malibu left us on a journey north to find his father, and Majesty has been assisting Shela and Friday guarding his parents house when they are gone. Our new member Sheep has been of being his own Shepard lately leaving, and GI Joe has been off saving the world most of the day, not that he’s really around normally, leaving me alone in the bike room.

We have 2 more confirmed residents for next year. They have been given the background of this anarchist society and have talked of having a large involvement in our household. They seem hesitant about joining our side, but at the same time seem like they will jump right in when the time comes.

And one final upcoming occurrence is the redeployment of G.I. Joe to another location. Currently that information is classified but we hope that he gets sent home soon, though this is highly unlikely.


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