Casbah, Co-Operative House or Mad House?

Yesterday the Casbah had a group therapy session where we probed into each others mental disorders. It had been long claimed that Coyote had Asperger Syndrome so we investigated. Using the DSM IV symptoms to compare to we concluded that Coyote most likely has Aspgers Syndrome as well as Manic Depressive Disorder. Next we moved to Mother who we discovered most likely has borderline personality disorder and depression. We then moved to Savages. Savages was diagnosed as a kid of having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) though he no longer has it to the point it is malignant and prevents him from holding a normal life it still manifests it in daily life. Savages also has a high chance of having serotonin defficiency of some kind. Finally to myself, I ended up with having OCD as a kid, undiagnosed, with remnants of it present in daily life. Besides that there was no other specific disorder I had, though I think I have the some of the symptoms of one, though not as intensely obvious.

The conclusion of the night was that these mental disorders often end up becoming labels to put on people. People can take drugs to get over these symptoms but the problem isn’t actually being solved because that’s the problem with western medicine, the problem is rarely what is trying to be fixed its the symptoms that are treated. Psychology seems to be mostly funded and pushed forward by pharmaceutical companies who never have any reason to fix the actual problem but rather sustain it at a treatable level. Psychology is no longer useful in solving problems. Instead what has worked for the people listed above was ignorance of the label, and persistence to make oneself better. Though it is unable to be a “normal person” people with these “disorders” can live their lives with like everyone else besides a few precautions.


One thought on “Casbah, Co-Operative House or Mad House?

  1. The best way to cure any mental order/disorder is to sit at the edge of a body of water and wait for it to come help you. Ask the Anashinaabe.

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