Reclaiming Our Foreskins

About a year ago, Yeti and I were enraged with how our foreskins were taken away from us when we were babies. With one simple clip an erogenous zone that is almost comparable to a clitoris was stripped away from us. One day we were talking to Mother and some how circumcision came up. Mother told us of a process of regrowing the foreskin. For about a week Yeti and I went around yelling “Lets reclaim our foreskins” Then we would make crazy faces and pretend to be regrowing our foreskins. I was legitimately pissed that I didn’t have a foreskin but I thought we were just joking around.

Then today the topic of foreskins came up in conversation with Savages, Yeti, Coyote, Mother and I.  We were explaining the process to Savages, who is surprisingly circumcised, and then it came out that for a year Yeti had been regrowing his foreskin. One of the times that we were pretending to regrow our foreskins, he actually was. He even went as far to buy an one hundred dollar P.U.D (Penile Uncircumcising Device) to aid in the process. He has now partially restored his foreskin. Savages and I are seriously considering reclaiming our foreskins.


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