Character Synopsis: Malibu

Malibu is a 27 year old programmer who has lived at the Casbah since January. He runs his own L.L.C. (Limited Liability Company), which is a gaming company and he works on making websites. Malibu appears to work all the time, yet never seems to work ever, he always is sitting on his computer, but you can never tell if he is working. He frequents many blog sites and keeps up on world activities using websites like

The question now is how did this mysterious man enter our lives? It all started with Cider going on an outing club trip to the Adirondacks. This is where Cider and Malibu met. Malibu had a crush on Cider, but was to shy to act upon it. He was going to a technical school learning how to be a computer programmer and his time there was severely deficient in female contact. This left him stunned and confused on how to act, but he did manage to talk to her a bit.

Months later Cider recontacted Malibu to invite him on a bike trip north to Newfoundland. So far the other adventurers on this trip were a committed Majesty, and a somewhat committed Yeti. Malibu excitedly committed having no other commitments. Malibu sent an email about this trip over his alma mater’s outing club listerv, attracting another member of the gang, Kane.

The others first met Malibu when Cider, Majesty, Savages and a now committed Yeti were getting ready for the bike trip. The bike trip forced these 5 to befriend each other, and ended up leading Malibu to live at the Casbah.

Malibu with his frequently worn hi-vis bike jersey on for safter purposes

Malibu with his frequently worn hi-vis bike jersey on for safter purposes


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