Two Wheeled Obsession

The members of the Casbah have long been fascinated with bicycles; their closed-to-the-public shop has been in existence since before the Casbah itself. However, recently a new angle on the biwheeled transport has arisen: Motorcycles.

Obviously the inherent upkeep costs of motorcycles will always place them in a less favorable status than human-powered-perfection (unless you’re coming at it from a Savages-like “Vote for the Enemy” tactic in which the gas consumption of the motorbikes brings on the apocalypse) but we still all love them. Years ago Coyote bought a decrepit example which has never seen the road since, then Majesty actually perused the idea becoming a licensed operator. Fairly recently, upon Malibu’s reemergence, he brought with him first one, then two of these machines, leading to the characteristic follow-along of Sheep’s buying a well maintained but nevertheless non-functioning bike. Now Coyote has determined that all Casbah-ites should procure motorbikes so as to assemble a more credible (and mobile) version of the likely defunct Post Apocalyptic Scooter Gang.

As could be expected from Coyote’s Father-of-God ego he designs that all said bikes should resemble his own rat bike. However, this may not be so unlikely a pursuit as the Casbah-ites all highly value questionable-quality DIY work and the restraint of monetary exchange.

Coyote wishes us all to look like this good, though professionally assembled, motorcycle.


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