Character Synopsis: Majesty

Cider had put up a sign about an Anti-Consumerist Club and I showed up to this meeting. The club’s first meeting consisted of Cider, I, Majesty’s now ex-gf, and 4 other girls. The only people who ended up committing to the club from the first meeting were Majesty’s ex, myself, and a girl named Wand, who ended up leaving us for the Harry Potter club.

We were showing the movie Baraka, a epic wordless movie that I would suggest watching, in Cider’s dorm building. Majesty ended up coming to see the movie, because Majesty has a love for movies especially documentaries, along with his ex, Cider, and I. He had biked and ended up carrying his bike throughout a maze of hallways and stairs to the room we ended up watching the movie in. Along the way he ran up and down stairs and excitedly over to any and every door like opening he saw followed by him attempting to see what was behind these doors. Leading my first impression of him to be that he was quite hyper.

The second time we met was at a dumpster diving dinner at his house. I soon realized that dumpster diving can fetch you a large bounty, as they had similar, yet more plentiful food than the normal person. This is also where I met a clean-cut uniformed man who was stunned when he stumbled upon a dozen strangers in his hous, I didn’t know until later was Coyote.

We continued to meet for the “Anti-Consumerist” meetings which ended up narrowing down to just Cider, Majesty and I. We would just talk about stuff every Wednesday evening, and have the Share-it-blanket every Friday afternoon. I formed close ties with both Cider and Majesty, resulting in invited Majesty to live in the newly bought Casbah. With his and others help the Casbah has become the safe haven we always dreamed it could be.


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