Character Synopsis: Coyote

I first spotted this clean cut uniformed person stunned as he entered his apartment of the time, the past, to find a dozen strangers inside. With a shocked  look on his face he retreated to his room for the rest of the night. I later met him when visiting Majesty, and quickly realized he is not that clean cut person I first saw but quite the opposite.

A majority of the stuff at the past was Coyote’s, because he’s a pack rat. Being a pack rat wouldn’t be a huge deficit if it weren’t for the fact that Coyote loves dumpster diving, so much so that the number of times he buys things doesn’t even reach the double digits. Convinced that at some time he may need the numerous unused possessions he has he refuses to throw most things away. He has since moved into a house that currently is owned by his parents, soon to be owned by him and Mother. This house is filled with possessions, many of which he is valiantly attempting to rid himself of. He has significantly improved at not hoarding, and is no longer gathering more items, but he is left struggling trying to get rid of his current overload of possessions. Mother is fed up with his possessions and refuses to look at his possessions logically one by one, instead wanting them to just be thrown out. Eventually this will occur but not after a bit of time and a struggle.

As I have mentioned Coyote’s fascination with motorcycles he is also fixated on bikes. Coyote’s shares this passion with me and frequents our bike shop, The Strip Club. He currently has around 100 bikes, and plans of fixing and selling a majority of them as well as having a fleet of various different variations of bikes for person use.

Coyote is a night person and now works the night shift at a parking lot. During this time few people park so he ends up building house plans, surfing the web and updating his blog We occasionally visit him  at work on our way back from dumpster diving. He has a lot of interesting things to say as well as very different views on the world as well as innovative and weird ways a looking at things.


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