Over the past two days the residents of the Casbah have been shocked and confused, but mostly confused.

On Monday we found an article from the New York Times about circumcision ripped out lying in the kitchen, I assumed it was Mother, but it wasn’t. In fact it wasn’t anyone in the Casbah. While the talk of circumcision has been quite prevalent it hasn’t gotten far beyond the Casbah. This leaves us somewhat confused and curious.

Yesterday we found a bowl of tomato sauce, I thought little of it but it remained untouched in the refrigerator, and apparently no one from the Casbah has done this. We are now further shocked and fearful of what there next attack may be.

We wrote a message to the vandal, “Why are you committing meaningless acts of vandalism on us? What did we do!? What do you want from us?”

If anyone has any information about who this vandal is or what they may want please comment and help us bring this menial meaningless acts of vandalism to an end.


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