Food Inc.

Last night the most of the Casbah crew went to see Food Inc. At the state Theater.

The movie told us more about an industry that we knew little about. While most in the crowd were enlightened and thinking of what they could do, we felt this as another burden without as optimistic of a solution.

If they had cut out the last 10 minutes of the movie I would’ve left thinking of the apocalypse, luckily they didn’t and I left with a feeling of a false mission to promote organic, socially responsible, and other expensive food items which cost significantly more and are out of reach to many consumers. Consumers can choose products and try to encourage businesses to be socially and environmentally responsible, but the extent that this has an effect is minimal. This “voting” for a certain product forces consumers to have huge amounts of up to date knowledge before they buy anything, which would not only make your shopping bill go up, food choices to decrease, but also not have a very large impact. Instead what should be done is force these companies to be that way.

Companies shouldn’t have the choice to destroy the environment and to treat workers and animals unethically. The people should demand a base level for every product to be at through legislation. At the time this idea which was presented less frequent then the “voting” for “ethical” food idea, and didn’t seem particularly promising considering the amount of influence over the food policy (which includes the heads of many government food regulatory agencies) and the fact that they have passed laws making it a felony to blaspheme the food industry.

I know can think of the future being a little more positively than I previously thought, but it still is bleak. People will need to demand the government to stop subsidizing corn, and stop allowing the food industry to shove this cheap corn and corn fed food down our throats. Instead they need to demand wholesome food, food which will be better for our health, the environment and workers. This food will be delivered as quickly as we demand it, leaving the only thing left being for the consumers to demand this food.

Things can get better but people need to stop being complacent because then you are just as much a part of the problem. If one person stands up and demands change then it will be easier for the next person to stand up and demand change. The purpose of capitalism is trying to make a product for you, the one downfall of capitalism is that it has no morals and is just trying to make money, so it will sell its own undoing if that is what the people are demanding. Change is possible, but people have to realize they are powerful and they can make change if they so desire.

The most valuable thing I have learned over the past 2 years in college wasn’t anything I paid for, it wasn’t even from a professor, I learned from experience that everyone and anyone can make change. Its hard to explain but I now feel empowered and I’m going to stand up for what I think is right and I think you should too, in fact I’ll probably be standing next to you.


3 thoughts on “Food Inc.

  1. i’ve heard the argument that consumers should take action by following the mores of our capitalist system, exercising their purchasing power and freedom of choice to induce change. um, but what if they have no freedom of choice? in this City That Never Sleeps that i’m currently inhabiting, affordable, subsidized CSAs are rare, and neighborhood food markets tend to be poorly stocked and overpriced. sure, you can get lovely organics at a co-op, but all the ones i’ve found are ridiculously expensive, even with member discounts (obtained after a potentially prohibitively high buy in).

    sorry yeti, i was thinking about this my whole train ride home today. maybe i should see food, inc.

  2. The purpose of food inc was to create a general understanding of what is happening with our food process rather than a judgment of the consumer.

    There is a section of the film where they visit a low income family that has the bleak options of choosing between buying healthy and saving money.

    What i got out of the movie is that we are all fucked and should shack up for the apocalypse. They had an upward swing of self empowerment at the end of the movie but if you think of the implications of the other 90% of the movie, there is not much room for optimism.

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