Character Synopsis: Tammy The Tarsier and Friends

These little nocturnal fucks traveled all the way from the tropical forests of Borneo to ransack the casbah. What they lack in brain power (Each of their 16mm in diameter eyeballs are bigger than there brains) they make up for in agility. In their native habitats they hang out in trees about 15 feet off the ground than jump down and pick up insects off of the ground and then jump 15 feet back up into the trees. Pretty impressive for a creature with a 10-15cm body. It is because of their extremely elongated tarsus bones in their feet (hence the name tarsier) that they can leap so high. It almost looks like you are looking at frog legs.

These slimy ass holes have been hanging out in the crawl space in a our kitchen celling. They turn out the lights randomly and then jump down and eat what ever is on peoples plates. To top it all off their shit stinks and tastes bad (Savages ate some). I might have to summon Nina from the thunderdome on top of the carpenter building to catch these incredible animals. She studied them in borneo and can put them in a sleeper hold. Either that or I wont be able to stop Savages from blowing them away with his gatling gun.


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