Hello’s Encounter

Yesterday morning Hello woke up and found no one else in the Casbah awake, she decided to go for a little bike ride. She went up a road new our house and saw it surrounded by orange caution tape. She looked up to see all 100+ of the Casbah’s bikes nailed up to trees and telephone poles. On the road in front of her was a sign that said “Watch Your Back.”

Hello raced back to the Casbah and woke me up. She then told me that all of our bikes were nailed to the trees and telephone poles up the street, she then said “I think it was the Freeze-Thaw Bike Gang.”

Coyote had woken up by this time and overheard what had happened and started saying “We gotta do something right now, I don’t know what but we gotta do something and right now.

Then Hello woke up to the Intern’s booming voice relieved that this nightmare was only that and not reality.


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