“The Machine” Can Go Shine Some Where Else

Miles Davis Famously Said about music “Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there”. Today I found the perfect example of a band ignoring that advice as I was scrolling through the bands that are coming to the State Theater. A pink floyd tribute band called “the machine” is coming here September 10. For second I was interested in seeing them. I have long dreamed about seeing one of Pink Floyd’s incredible live shows with floating pigs and gigantic glowing eyes but when I youtubed these guys playing, “shine on you crazy diamond“, I couldnt even get through the whole song. The guitarist hits all the notes but there was something about the timing I could not stand. It was like watching a streaming movie where the timing of the audio drags behind the video. I thought I might have just been partial to the recorded version of the song so I you tubed a live performance and it was like someone ripped  a plastic bag off of my face and I could breath again. The Machine has worn out there welcome with random precision and are not worth $35 to see, they are not even worth $5.


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