Character Synopsis: Mother

I first met Mother at the past, she was visiting Coyote. She was very talkative and friendly immediately, while at the time I was still quiet and introverted.

The first thing Mother said to me was, Hey I know you.

I responded by saying, yeah our freshman seminars meet together.

She then quickly retorted aggressively, why didn’t you say something earlier then?

I then quickly got awkward and sunk back into my seat.

Most of the things I remember coming out of Mothers mouth at first were about babies. She was the first person who talked about circumcision to me, explaining the benefits of being uncircumcised and the pains of being circumcised; being the catalyst to me regrowing my foreskin.

Mother is named mother only because of her obsession with babies and birth. An obsession that has lead nearly everyone in the Casbah household to watch The Business of Being Born, and certain that they or their partner will have a home birth. Mother is also quite possessive of “my boys.”

Mother is certainly what her name implies she is one of the few cleaners in the house, she cooks frequently. Her cooking is something that she is very possessive of too. I think she holds a grudge against a resident partially because she came and cooked; she won’t allow anyone else to cook unless she is helping them, often times to a significant amount. While she is getting better the only person she really allows to cook alone in safety is Hello. Luckily most people don’t mind being cooked for and certainly nobody in the Casbah minds having to eat food.

Mother adds a very interesting dynamic to the Casbah. She is aggressive, and aggressively friendly to newcomers. She isn’t athletic like the rest of us, but she has been riding bikes more often since Coyote had pressured her into riding a comfort bike (now she wants a real bike). She is a vital part of the Casbah, and will probably be leaving to return home with Coyote soon that is if Coyote’s parents give them a working bathroom.


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