Are the hopes too high? Hopefully not…

It’s been two days since I introduced most of the Casbah to John Little’s book “Bruce Lee: The Art of Expressing the Human Body”. This is a comprehensive collection of Bruce Lee’s personal notes, individual excersises, full workouts, and much more, all of which go towards his goal of perfection of the human body.

By looking at this book (mainly at the pictures of his incredible form)Bruce-Lee-Photo-2

we at the Casbah, namely Majesty and I, decided that we must start perfecting our bodies. I have attempted this many a time, deciding that my body is a sculptable object that can bring out amazement or disgust depending on how I present it, but I have always failed due to laziness, and lack of results, but now that I have someone to attempt this experiment with, I feel like it might just turn into a  rolling snowball and get me addicted to perfecting this network of muscles and fat.

Our first excercise was to punch a body bag 1000 times each, which savages majesty and I all hoped to complete succesfully. Savages’ knuckle skin started peeling off after the first set of 100, which I attribute to the sheer power which he used  to hit the bag, while Majesty and I made it through five sets of 100 before our skin started peeling (keep in mind Savages also did two more sets of 100). Though we have a long way to go, and have been slowed down by our bruised, crippled hands, hopes are still high, and we will keep going.

My hope is to turn all of the Casbah into a fighting force of Bruce-Lee-like humanoids that can accept and take on any
physical challenge that greets us. We would be an army of incredibly attractive men and women which bring out the awe in everyone. Yea…it’d be fuckin’ weird hahaha!


2 thoughts on “Are the hopes too high? Hopefully not…

  1. I, Malibu, admire your efforts. I will participate in physical activities.

    I, Cider will also participate and try to beat Malibu but probably fail (and that’s O.K.).


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