The Casbah is under attack from an unseen force. This force first hit Muscle and debilitated him for days. It then moved onto Sheep, Majesty, Savages, and possibly Hello. They all haven’t gotten it as bad as Muscle but they also haven’t seen then end of it. Right now the only who haven’t been invaded by this force are the Intern and I. We pledged to each other to evade this force for as long as we could, hopefully we will, though I woke up this morning with a raspy throat.

This attacker attacks from the inside making it much harder to fight back or see where it is striking from. This attacker has been around for a while and so far has been nearly all over the globe. Others are calling it H1N1, and warning people to isolate themselves when they are sick because this H1N1 leeches of your body and gets stronger making it easier to invade others bodies due to its increased strength and numbers.

I want to wish good luck to all fighting this attacker, be smart.


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