The Constitution

The Constitution

If you fuck with one from the Casbah, you fuck with all of the Casbah.

Savages enforces:
Wash your fucking dishes
Don’t be a dipshit
Plants before women

The rules of Residency:
Yeti historically has declared you resident.
Exhibit 1: Savages took out the recycling
and emptied the compost and ate
food without asking. RESIDENT
Exhibit 2: Coyote did not call before coming
over. Came over when no one was
over and did his own stuff when he was

The rent payers vs. the non-rent payers…as a
non-rent-payer, I feel like the rent-payers
should have more say, but this is not my
decision, so they can figure that one out…
ASK Yeti

The difference between residing residents and
non-residing residents is the assignment of chores

Summary: Residents are those who act like they are


Curfew: Do not break it
People have been taking this lightly, but it is no
light matter. If you do expect to break it call
me, Intern, I will relay it to everybody else.
Whiteboard notification is acceptable.

Curfew Times:
Monday thru Friday: 2 AM…do your homework, go to
Saturday and Sunday: 4 AM Have fun!

Most of all, To keep the Casbah what it is, involve yourself
in the wonderful community that it is!Join us for happy fun
times and shit.

Oh…and all rules are subject to change.


4 thoughts on “The Constitution

  1. Ya know what, I’m flopping on my previous decision and joint writing of the constitution and I’m going to say I disrespect the constitution as a whole and don’t acknowledge its existence

    The body it was originally binding is no longer a cohesive group, but rather just individual people.

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