Post-Casbah World

Starting August 15th was the day that the once proud Casbah started to become something else. The final Algerians started to leave, and by Friday August 19th they were gone. The Casbah is now known to some as the Jurassic Park and to others the Dead Zone, leaving the Algerians as refugees in a cold world with no home to return to.

Previous to that most of the Algerians had left town. Savages and Mother leaving for a nearby town, Majesty has been in and out for months, finally leaving for a bike trip with a friend of the Casbah, Malibu and Cider left in early August after stuffing every single possession they owned into their car. Finally my girlfriend and I and made our slow move to the woods.

Since our move, the Casbah has slowly died. My bike shop is still there so I go over there to work on bikes regularly. When I’m over there I feel as though I’m in a ghost town. Very few of the residents are ever there and most of the time they keep to themselves with their bedroom doors closed.

Our new place of residence is the cabin. We are located in the woods of the final block of Burrowes in a Cabin. We live in the top floor and the bottom floor has our landlords renovation equipment in it. We have a good sized living room, kitchen, master bedroom and extra room. There is a lot of storage space, including 3 built in dressers, and a lot of wood paneling. The porch is very large, and the back yard is surrounded by trees.

Here are some pictures of our new home:

We will soon be leaving the woods to live in the big city. Our tentative plan is to move to Pittsburgh by the end of October and continue our life there. This town just doesn’t have enough opportunities for us, time to venture to the big city. But before then we may be staying with us Majesty for our final month.


One thought on “Post-Casbah World

  1. Your place looks NICE! The wood paneling gives it … pizazz. If Malibu and I ever live in a place that’s more substantial than half a room, we’ll post pics.

    I forgot about Cider. Upgrade from Beer.


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