When The Casbah was a Place We Called Home

The Casbah was a lively place where there was always something going on. There were very few times I came home to find no one, and there were very few days I had a boring time at the Casbah.

I now want to attempt to immortalize some of those memories in a new blog series I’m starting called “When The Casbah was a Place We Called Home.” I’m going to try to update it at least weekly and I invite others to write stories too. You can either post them yourself, with a pre-existing account, or a newly added account (I can help you get an account). Or you can just email me the story at cstevens47@gmail.com and I can post it for you.

From Majesty and I pooping in buckets to Malibu pooping his pants. From one illegal in the extra bedroom to 6 illegals living in nearly every room in the house. The Casbah has been home to a lot of people and a lot of going ons. Let’s start sharing them so we can never forget what the Casbah was, nor the times we had.


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