When The Casbah Was A Place We Called Home: Pooping In A Bucket

Composting is good for the environment, and it makes good soil. You just take your food scraps and put them outside in a pile. If you care enough you can even speed up the process by rotating it and get high quality dirt in under a year.

But at the Casbah we took this to the extreme. During the first year of the Casbah (when G.I. Joe) was there we composted our food before and after eating it, yes we composted our shit. Majesty read a book all about humanure.

After that book we began composting our shit and piss. In order to do that we had to shit in a bucket. And in order to keep this low key we had to hide it from G.I. Joe in our rooms. We would switch from week to week if it was in my room or Majesty’s room. But we did have a bucket of poop in our rooms. And we did shit in our rooms.

There was always the awkward moments when you would walk into your room only to find someone taking a shit in it. You had to wait until they stopped, hoped that they weren’t to gassy and then you could go into your room.

At first we had to sit on the edge of a bucket in order to poop, not the most pleasant experience. Then we upgraded to a full toilet, that was very enjoyable, almost like pooping in a bathroom but with extra amenities. After you shit in a bucket all you have to do was sprinkle some sawdust over your poop and the sawdust absorbs all the smell. And you are collecting some grade a nutrients for your soil.

Speaking of the soil I actually just got to shovel through that soil. The garden has been destroyed and is being replaced by grass, but the compost was a huge success. Nearly all of the food has completely decomposed, the only thing left was coconuts, some bones, egg shells and avocado shells. Other than that there is grade a dirt.

And the poop? Yep it completely decomposed. Here is a picture of what was once hundreds of pounds of vegetables and shit, in a small pile of excellent soil.


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