Living at the Cabin…

Smiles and I have been living at the cabin for nearly 2 months, but being low on money and about to move to Phili we’ve had to resort to getting a roommate…
That roommate is a scatter brained vagabond with a home, Majesty. After his bike trip south with Cane he decided to return north and look for some income so he could afford his cross bow and/or travel more.
He’s made the cabin more eventful over the past week of living here. It reminds me of when I lived at the Casbah. We ain’t doing anything radical like shitting in buckets, but we are procrastinating and wasting time together (something the Casbah was great for).

This weekend we all went apple picking getting us some apples. We also got a pumpkin. You gotta love Penn States agricultural land.
We also managed to get someone to rent our apartment, Savages and Mother. Yes Savages is living in houses now, who would guess. But he is moving to a house in the woods, so don’t worry he’s not that civilized.


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