A Royal Library

When it comes to books I am a boarder line hoarder. It is unfortunate because my eyes are way bigger than my literary stomach. Books are generally what I describe to people when I am asked: “what is the best thing that you have found from the dumpster?” It is also what I spend most of my time sorting through when I am at the local thrift store dumpster.

While the cabin has a rustic rural ambiance, it is located in an affluent area. That being the case, the local thrift store gets such an over flow of donation that they send semi truck trailer size loads of stuff to other associated thrift stores. This also leads to a construction dumpster worth of stuff being thrown away every few days.

This is where the Casbah crew has spent many a hour of late night dumpster pillaging. The list of random, odd, crazy, useful, utterly frivolous things that we found would amount to quite an extensive inventory. Maybe one day another post will tackle that but now I am only focusing on books.

It is true that most of the books that I sort through are ten year old christian self-help books, romance novels and pyramid scheme business books but there are some real gems in the mix.

Tonight was a particularly good night and I need to share what I walked away with:

The Soft Machine, William S. Burrough
Absalom, Absalom!, Willam Faulkner (I had a creative writing teach that said this is the best book ever written)
Pylon, William Faulkner
Life is Elsewhere, Milan Kundera
The Girl Who Played With Fire, Steig Larsson
Nausea, Jean Paul-Sarte
Troubled Sleep, Jean Paul-Sarte
Anthem, Ayn Rand
The Little Prince, Antonie De Saint Exupery
Cannery Row, John Steinbeck
The Color Purple, Alice Walker
The Wesker Trilogy, Arnold Wesker

It is time to read more!


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