Sorry if this post is too serious for you, but I just had to share. The subject of suicide is something very taboo, so taboo I’m apologizing for writing about it. But as someone who has had suicidal thoughts for a good portion of his life, I appreciate the comedian Louie C.K. addressing this in his show Louie. He refuses to be consoling or answer his friends questions instead he gives him no love, but a good dose of reality.

“This is bullshit you can’t kill yourself,” responds Louis

“Give me one good reason I should live,” retorts his friend

“No. I’m not playing that. Fuck you man, I got my reasons to live, I worked hard to figure out what they are. I’m not just handing them to you. Okay? You want a reason to live, have a drink of water and get some sleep and wake up in the morning and try again like everyone else does.”

“If you wanna tap out cause your life is shit. You know what it’s not your life it’s life. It’s life is bigger than you. If you can imagine that. Life isn’t something you posses its something you take part in and witness.”

You can find the original clip here:
from 10:25 to 13:30


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