When the Casbah was a Place We Called Home: Coot

This was back in the early days of the Casbah, when we were still trying to fill the boots of the name, The Casbah. Juju and I were out longboarding around town. We were on the outskirts of it on the side of the road when we heard a small meow. We looked at each other and then looked around confused trying to figure out made that noise.

Then in the middle of the fallen leaves and brush was a small kitten. It was just sitting there meowing it’s head off. There weren’t any other cats near by, just one little kitten. We picked up this adorable ball of fuzz, it wasn’t really moving but it did stop meowing when we picked it up. Juju took her shirt off and wrapped up the little fuzz ball in it, and we boarded home.

When we got home we showed everyone this little fuzzball:

This little guy got the name of Coot and was about 5 weeks old. She was so young that she needed to be nursed. We realized this when someone told me to take of my shirt and nurse him. I joking did so, and found Coot suckling on my nipple. The next day we went out to the store to and got her kitty milk mix, and a bottle to nurse from, until she was able to eat on her own at 8 weeks.

Coot spent her time living in my room, pooping and peeing on my shag rug (which I obviously ended up having to throwing away). She slept in a mini tent that was the perfect size for her, and woke up early enough to run over and lick my face until I woke up.

She lived at the Casbah with only one incident. This is when my Dad popped in unexpectedly. The little guy ran from my room to Majesty’s room while my Dad was between the two rooms. He thought it was a mouse and almost tried to squash the little bugger. Luckily Coot was to speedy and was in the other room before my Dad had a chance to react. I quickly responded, “I’m watching her for the weekend for a friend.”

Shortly after this Coot’s time at the Casbah came to an end. We couldn’t risk having her along any longer, and she was old enough to be out on her own. She wend to a friend’s loving mom, and has been doing great since. I’ve heard that she’s grown up to be an adventurous, independent, fat cat.


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