New Years festivites 2012: State College

Most of the Casbah crew was reunited for New Years 2012, with Majesty, Ilex, Savages, Mother, Cider, Malibu, Kp, Andris and myself. We hung out and caught up. Cider and Malibu told stories of NY, and their adventures surviving in a small apartment outside of NYC. Majesty talked of his upcoming journey in the desert. And others talked of their current and upcoming journeys.

After that we went to the Casbah where we built a fire structure for our wax bomb. We put down wood first, then a pallet followed by brick pavers. This provided for an excellent base for the fire, leaving the casbah yard unscathed.

We were able to set off a great 3 story explosion, and we left Jesus permanently scarred. Jesus’s head and neck have collapsed in and he doesn’t look like he’ll survive much longer. We still had half of the wax left, and were trying to set off another explosion when a guest joined us.

That guest was the police, he came and asked us to stop what we were doing. That is when we were all screaming “do it,” Ilex was splashing water into the wax, and Majesty was holding Jesus over the fire. He was called by a neighbor complaining about the fire, and “had to tell us to stop.” He said most people don’t know you can’t have fires in the borough unless you have a “special chimney pit.” He was very nice and just asked us to put out the fire. He seemed irritated that he even had to be there, stating that he didn’t know why people complained about fires and parties shortly after new years.

We put out the fire, and he thanked us. Then he had to leave because he got a call for a domestic abuse situation. We wished him luck and left shortly afterwards. We came back to the cabin, and not longer after we went to bed. But not before we got some great pictures, and Malibu promised to post the video he took of the wax bomb.

New Years 2012

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