What People Don’t Tell You

So far I’ve wasted today, and I mostly wasted yesterday too. It’s easy to do when there is no one around, and there is not much to do. I did do some work today and yesterday, mostly yesterday.

For example I put a waterproof sealant on both my leather boots and a pair of dress shoes. They look great now. I also got some huge amazing scissors to start cutting tire belts with. I also did research on bike tire/tube upcycled stuff, I started an Etsy page (my name is Cycle Up Products, the logo is going to be a cup!), I dicked around on the computer, and I dicked around in general.

Today I have an extreme problem with motivation, Liz told me, “It’s okay, that happens.” Well it sure does, and it’s hard to stop. My mom also called today, during my period of extreme lack of motivation. She called to check on me, because it seems like everyone goes through this.

Moving to a new city is hard, and I’m having an easy time getting down on myself, but apparently that’s what happens. What you have to do is keep going, which is easier said than done. I’m going to start setting goals for myself, realistic ones, like really realistic. Such as, go for a bike ride, make dinner, buy beeswax and mineral to seal your cutting board, go to lowes and get that drill bit you need. Things to break up the day, things to get me moving.

I’m also going to look into meetup.com, and I’m going to try to find some friends. I’m also going to volunteer at a thrift store in south philly, and continue looking for jobs. It’s so hard doing stuff and being accountable when you just don’t care. But I have to make sure I do, otherwise I’ll be sitting in my bad at 3pm having done nearly nothing all day, besides what I’m doing right now.

Wish me luck, and if you have any suggestions for what to do to keep me active, let me know, I’m open to almost any suggestion.


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