I have already volunteered with Philly Aids Thrift (PAT) twice so far. And it is so nice to have something to do. I can’t believe how much I want to work, that I’m working for free. My times there are very fun though, and I’m meeting some great people.

I have been mainly dealing with clothing. From tagging the clothing, putting it on the racks, and cleaning up the racks. I’ve done everything except sorting the initial donations. They have a ton of clothing, and a ton of donations they haven’t even sorted yet.

When I work there I also get to meet a good deal of people. I’ve already meet a bunch of very nice people there, and there are even people there I’ve meet before. There is one person form the co-op who volunteers there and someone that I already met in Philly. It seems like a good place for me to meet cool people and get some friends in the area.

I should tell you more about the place, not just my volunteering experience, because it’s a pretty cool place. Clothing costs from 3 to 6 on average, with a whole room set asside for $1 items. They have a vintage room, fancy land, and a coat section that costs more, and they have a good seasonal section. They also have a large section of kitchen supplies that includes 3 big tubs of silverware that costs 25 cents a piece.

Overall the place reminds me a lot of Good Will, but the store part of Good Will, the dumpster part. They keep really cooky items and the store is really colorful. It’s what you’d expect from a store if dumpster divers opened a store in SC. There is weird stuff on the walls everywhere, really strange items. And tons of stuff, especially clothing. 2 large floors, and a 3rd floor for sorting that is full of things.

If you are in Philly you should think about checking out PAT, its a good time. It’s located on 5th and Bainbridge in South Philly.


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