Self Worth

Over the past few weeks I’ve felt completely worthless. That’s because I haven’t been doing anything. My day would consist of eating breakfast, looking for jobs, surfing the web, looking for jobs, dicking around and watching a movie. This caused me to get pretty down on myself. I’m completely alone in philly with Smiles only here on the weekends, and I know so few people somedays I don’t even leave the house.

I’ve managed to finally break that funk. Volunteering at PAT helped, but what helped more for me was finding what gave me self worth and doing that. Making things with my hands and solving problems is just that. I just got a tool to help reignite my bracelet and belt making furry. Since then I’ve again started making tire belts and bracelets.

I’ve even created my own Etsy Page: and and am going to post my first products on it today! Working on things like this has given me back my self worth and given me a reason to wake up.

I’ll either update this entry or post a new entry once I post more items on Etsy!


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