I’ve got a Zazz addiction.

I’ve got a Zazz addiction and I just did something about it.  I have started to manufacture my own for a few cents per liter so I can consume my bubbly water cheaply.  The author of this site has enabled me to take my Zazz consumption to the next level.  My setup is essentially the same as his and I can verify that it works well and the components were easily obtained at an auto parts store and a welder supply shop.  Check it out for detailed instructions.

The rig

The most important consideration in the manufacture of homemade Zazz is the quality of the end product.  Let me tell you this homemade set up makes high quality Zazz.  It’s the kind of Zazz where the bubbles attack your mouth, like cartoon bubbles armed with axes and vials of hydrochloric acid.

Above you can see the following chemical transformation.  H2C03–> H2O + CO2.   That is once the solution is relieve of its pressure from the injection vessel the carbonic acid dissociates in to water and gaseous carbon dioxide.  The carbon dioxide dissociates most rapidly on the inside walls of the glass where there are abundant nucleation sites at the phase trasition interface between solid and liquid (glass and water)  as well as the interface created by the surfaces of other bubbles (carbon dioxide to water) creating a briefly snowballing bubbapcolypse.

Above is the injection vessel before CO2 pressurization.  The vessel was filled to 3/4 of its total capacity with cold water.  The colder the water the more C02 can be packed per unit volume.  I never skip this detail be cause I want CARBOMAX HARDCORE ZAZZ, not some weak imitation Zazz.  The regular air was force out by squeezing the container and then the cap was seated tightly.  The line pressure was set for 60 psi and subsequently filled with carbon dioxide.

After a few seconds the bottle pressure softened from a rock hard 60 psi to this flaccid state.  This step was repeated twice more until the system was MAXED OUT and MAX PRESSURE WAS MAINTAINED HARDCORE.  At this point the Zazz is ready to drink…  Chill and serve.

On several occasions Chippens sucessfully sabotaged my operation.  I thought I had cruelly out smarted the thumb-less furbag, when I place the cap in a glass from which she could not extract her prized morsel.  But alas, Chippens had the last laugh as she expertly slid the whole works off the table spilling the containers contents on the floor.  Chippens is unstoppable!

– Savages



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