Bikes Bikes bikes!

So I have finally realized what I want to do, maybe not for my lifetime but at least right now: work on bikes.

I’ve worked on bikes for over 4 years. I first started back in high school tuning up and upgrading my bike. Then when I started hanging out at The Past I got more into working on bikes. Coyote had a lot of bikes he had gathered over the years and I started to work on and garnish a collection of my own.

One of the first things I brought over to the Casbah when it was first born was a pallet of bikes. I quickly took over a garage sized room in the basement and began to fill it with bikes and bike parts. At it’s peak this room and outside had over 130 bikes, about 50 wheels, and more parts than you could name.

It was work for me. I would go down in the mornings during the summer and work on bikes. It wasn’t hard to find these bikes there were hundreds of abandoned bikes all around town. State College is a 4 year bike town. After the 4 years if you have enough initiative you throw the bike away, otherwise you just forget about it.

I took advantage of that fixing up and selling over 100 bikes over 3 summers. This gave me a net profit of $12,000. But more importantly it gave me a slew of tools and knowledge to land me in a real bike shop my final summer. I worked for Recumbent Bike Riders, falling in love with recumbents and gaining more great experience and knowledge.

Now I’ve begun to apply for bike shops in the city. While most of them aren’t even thinking about hiring until March, some are putting out feelers now. I filled out an application at Keswick Cycle, and have talked to others.

I still have no idea what I wanna do, but at least I have something to do in the meantime. Now all I have to do is wait a month or two before places actually start hiring.


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