Do You Blog?

The original purpose of the Casbalog was for there to be a communal space for members of the Casbah to blog and express their feelings. This space didn’t last long, but I’m trying to bring it back. I’m trying to bring it back in a time when we most need it. We can’t just drop into the Casbah or bump into each other around State College anymore. Most of us has gone and left, and the Casbah house is no more.

But the Casbah still exists. We are still a clan of weirdos, we’re just doing our weird stuff in different parts of the country. I’m writing this to let you know and encourage you to share what’s going on in your life on this blog, or if you already have a blog then share your blog with the Casbalogers.

I, like many others, love the Casbah, it’s people, all it stood for and all that happened there (well most of it). And I want to stay in the lives of all the residents of the friends of the Casbah. So join me in sharing your life, your happenings and cool things you’ve found on the Casbalog.

Just shoot me an email at if you don’t have an account yet and I’ll figure out how to make one, or you can send your blogs to me and I can post them for you.

I hope to read about you soon!


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