Times in SC

I traveled to State College this weekend, for a refreshing experience at home. I gotta say I love State College, its a great place and the people that are still left around are great fun, I’ll have to visit again soon.

On Friday I went out to dinner with Smiles, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend at Herwigs, an excellent Austrian restaurant. It was pretty awkward at first, but turned out well. My mom doesn’t like going new places so she dreaded going there all week. And then when we got in there wasn’t any seating for 6 people, so everyone huddled in the doorway and my parents said in a paranoid voice, “what are we gonna do there isn’t any open seats.” I responded by pretending to be as confused and concerned as them saying, “I don’t know let’s ask them maybe they’ll know what to do.” We had to wait for 5 minutes before being seated. We all got our food, and even my mom liked it. End of crises!

Next on the agenda was cake and presents. We ate delicious carrot cake and opened my early birthday presents (the occasion for these parties was mostly my upcoming birthday). I got the perfect card to describe my dad’s sense of humor (below). I also got super hipster headphones, with excellent sound quality and a running shirt.

The inside says: “Sneeze them out and you get one wish plus ALL the cake.

Then we finished the night off by smiles and I going to a USAS party with Jonathan and Nana. Turns out they were the main people there, the only additional person was a friend Bob. I’m guessing that’s because the party was from 7 to 10 and we got there at 11. They didn’t want to be overbearing an ruin USASer’s Friday night. So they didn’t. Instead they ended up not effecting it at all. But it turned out fine we had good conversations and fun.

The next day there was a semi-surprise birthday party for me thrown by smiles at the Cabin. It was another good time. With the guests being Mother, Savages, Smiles, Nana, Jonathan, and a USASer. Most of the exciting fun was surrounding Savage’s Zazz Machine. This thing makes delicious bubbly water in seconds. But that’s not where the fun stops. It also makes carbonated saliva if you jam it in your mouth, and if you happen to shoot it down your throat it makes you go pretty crazy. (I would suggest trying it at least once).

That ended most of the exciting times over the weekend. We wrapped things up on Sunday eating at India Pavilion with Jonathan and doing things around my parents house. I worked on bracelets and we just hung out there. Also almost forgot to mention bumping into the Intern a couple of times, I’ll have to come back and actually see what he’s up to in his new house.

I’m gonna finish this entry saying I love State College. It’s a joy visiting. There are good memories there, and so much grass and trees not present in Philly. Also it’s home to me, so I feel like I can do whatever I want. I’m glad to not be living there, but miss it dearly.


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