The Heart Attack Grill

The Heart Attack Grill, in las Vegas, is one of the few places to tout having a “diet program you can stick to for life.” That diet consists of “Quadruple Bypass” burgers, which contain 2 pounds of beef and 20 slices of bacon and “flatliner fries,” which are cooked in lard. A diet plan like this gives you over 8,000 calories a meal and a promises steady weight gain.

The restaurant is owned by “Dr.” Jon Basso. He used to be a nutritionist and owned several Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers and weight loss studios. He says he, “spent a lifetime prescribing diets to people, and there has never been a diet that people could stick to.” So that’s why he created a diet he knew people could stick to for their whole life, however short that is.

“Dr.” Jon make it clear that his restaurant could kill you, saying “I run perhaps the only honest restaurant in America, ‘Hey this is bad for you, and it’s gonna kill you.'” And he really does. Their motto is “Taste worth dieing for!” and the outside of the restaurant says “Caution this establishment is bad for your health!”

Their past spokesperson, in the video above, is Blair Rivers. He weighed 570 pounds, and past away last year from pneumonia. He died at the age of 29. In a interview “Dr.” Jon openly stated that he used Blair’s death and that it only got the message further out.

A week after Blair’s death he was replaced by Ernie Hart. Ernie used to be the spokesperson prior to Blair until he had to go on leave after he had open heart surgery. Shortly after returning Ernie said, “Even though my cardiologist, and my wife, tell me not to come; and after surviving a coma and multiple heart surgeries, I still come, I enjoy the burgers.”

Most recently the Heart Attack Grill has lived up to it’s name, when one of their customers suffered a heart attack in the grill.

Why is “Dr.” Jon doing this, and why continue after all this? Because “Dr.” Jon says, “We are past the point of no return at the heart attack grill. We have blood on our hands.” In another interview he said, “There is a valid social function in what we do. We provide shock therapy that nowadays everyone is too politically correct or too risk-averse to provide.”

Fed up with trying to keep people to stick to diets he seems to be trying to force everyone to realize how bad fatty foods are by pushing them to the extreme. “Dr.” Jon says “I would be so happy to go out of business. That will be when the very last junk food addict decides to go straight.” It’s hard to tell whether he really believes that or is just in it for the publicity and the money. What is certain is that he is past thinking Americans can be saved from junk foods.

Until America stops is unhealthy addiction to fatty foods “Dr.” Jon will continue serving Quadruple Bypass Burgers and flatline fries. And if you are lucky enough to weight over 350 pounds, then he’ll serve them to you for free.

Interview with “Dr.” Jon.


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