When the Casbah was a Place We Called Home: Marijuana Plant?

One day at the Casbah I walked outside and saw a large weed popping out of the front bush that acts as a barrier between the Casbah and the apartment complex. Upon closer inspection I started to think this plant might be a marijuana plant. I showed my brother who agreed and wanted to get it the heck out of there.
I still thought it had value as a non-pot-smoker. And I still couldn’t believe it was actually a marijuana plant. I dug it up carefully and brought it inside. Then I took some pictures and sent them to Savages just to confirm. Yep, marijuana indica, and by the look of the roots it hadn’t been transplanted there.
So the question became, what they hell do you do with this?

Luckily our crazy latino roommate, Scenekid, called up some of his friends and they whisked it away. Sadly for them it died before maturity.
But it still boggles my mind how it got there and survived. My only hypothesis is that someone was smoking behind a big bush at the apartment complex and just put the seeds there because they didn’t want to smoke them.
As for how it survived I simply think of the people that put in so much time and effort to grow these plants and how many of them fail. Yet all the Casbah does is look out the front yard and see a 4′ pot plant growing in our yard. I guess this is a idea for any rebels/entrepreneurs. Just spread marijuana seeds anywhere you want, I mean wouldn’t it be funny if there was a 4′ plant jetting out of bushes on campus?


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