My Week – Mother

Things I have considered doing this week:

1. Quitting my job, moving in with Grandmother, finishing college

2. Running away to Arizona with only what would fit in my car, finding a tiny house in the desert and filling it with crystals and wind chimes, walking barefoot, waiting tables, not giving a fuck

3. Buying an acre of land for $20,000 with Savages, gardening the whole lot, building a cabin

4. ODing on sertraline

Things I have done this week:

1. Taken multi-hour bath, drunk half bottle of shitty rum, spent rest of evening vomiting profusely

2. Cried in front of 3 year-old

3. Taken care of Grandmother like a child as she recovers from surgery

4. Slept alone


5 thoughts on “My Week – Mother

  1. I’m confused, but I like your style, Mother. Did the 3-year-old give you a hug or cry back? Is your grandmother OK now? Why Arizona? At first I liked the idea of crystals and wind chimes, but now I’m thinking that the chimes would be too noisy, and the crystals too pointy to sleep on and too blinding to look at in the desert sun. But I support not giving a fuck.

  2. Clarification: The 3 year-old asked me if I needed snuggles. My Mama is recovering from surgery, doing well. There would be a bed in the tiny house in Arizona. It wouldn’t be literally full of crystals and wind chimes. There would need to be room for the puppies and string of lovers, obvs.

  3. It is weird; I’m happy with my job, my friends, and everything in Seattle but I have desperately been wanting to drop it all and travel/go to the desert. A lot of weird shit has been happening inside my brain and body lately. Anyway, more solidarity from the west coast, mother!

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