Finding Fun, and Friends in Philly

This past Tuesday was my birthday. I had a pretty good time. I got birthday wishes from a lot of people. And got to talk to a lot of people I hadn’t talked to in a while. I also got the birthday treatment from PAT.

I walked into PAT and my friend JB gave me a little birthday card she drew. I also start getting birthday wishes from everyone there. JB then admitted to me that she may have told everyone in PAT it was my birthday. After having a bunch of the volunteers and staff wish me a happy birthday I heard someone on the PA system wishing me a happy birthday. I was excited about volunteering on my birthday but I didn’t think it would be this exciting.

On Saturday I went to my friend Plaid’s shows. He plays in the band Dangerous Ponies. At first I was alone and awkward. But as soon as Plaid and his friends showed up I felt right at home. They were very nice and friendly, and some of them already knew my name and were expecting me. Seems like Plaid might be as excited as I am that I came.

The show turned out awesome. And afterwards I talked a bunch to Plaid and some of his friends. It’s so exciting that I’m starting to have friends in Philly, it makes me feel a lot more grounded hear. It makes me think less about ditching town and moving somewhere else. But only time will tell if that happens.

Finally another exciting part of last night was that I got a little drunk. This will be the second time this month (I got a little drunk last weekend in Pittsburgh too). In case you don’t know I used to be pretty strait edge. I’ve done pot once, I haven’t done any other drugs, I rarely drink, and I don’t use caffeine, and only eat chocolate in moderation.

After leaving Penn State and it’s awful drinking culture I have been more open to drinking. The main problem preventing me was the taste. I only really like mixed drinks that don’t taste like alcohol. Last weekend in Pittsburgh, I got lucky and there was delicious punch. This weekend Plaid gave me some whiskey. The whiskey didn’t taste nearly as good as the punch, but after only a few gulps I found myself a little drunk.

I’m still somewhat anxious about the whole thing, but I’m getting more comfortable. I think I’m going to stick with a little drunk for a while. I like remembering what was going on and having control of myself. I’m getting a lot more comfortable with drinking, it’s nice feeling more relaxed. I’m pretty uptight around people I don’t know, it’s certainly an easy way to relax and open up.

I’m glad to finally be making friends in Philly, and having fun. I hope this all continues, and hopefully I can even get a job and somewhere to live.


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