When the Casbah Was a place we called home: Car chase

Majesty and I went out to get some food at S-Dubs. They must’ve just gotten a new manager because they had been locking the gates for the past couple of weeks. The gates being locked is just annoying. You can still get in, you just have to pull them open and squeeze through. The more annoying part of a locked dumpster is that it is definitely trespassing. Most other diving is in a legal gray area.

You’re not allowed to “Scatter Rubish” Title 65 Section 1 of Pa State Beautification law. But as stated in the court case California v. Greenwood. You can use trash as evidence if it is in a public space. Don’t worry no one gets in trouble. I’ve gotten caught many times I just get told to leave. But this time was different.

We squeezed in like normal, and started looking for food. A few minutes later a pickup truck stopped outside of the dumpster and just sat there. At first we tried to hide, but then we realized our bikes were in plain sight outside of the dumpster. Then we tried to see what this person was doing. We couldn’t see much, the pickup said Ace Hardware on it (a store located nearby in the plaza) and they appeared to be on the phone.

Majesty said, “let’s go.” And we did. Like it was no big thing. Just got on our bikes and started riding away. The only problem was that they started following us. We continued behind another section of stores and over a curb, hoping he would just go away.

We turned around and he was still following us.

It started to become clear he wasn’t going away. I looked at Majesty and said, “see ya,” and then made a sharp left into the parking lot of the stores we were behind. Majesty continued down the hill and hid in a ditch. I looked back and saw headlights and my trailer. Duh, I thought of course he would follow me.

Becoming increasingly worried I jumped the curb and crossed the grass finding myself to Atherton St, where I started biking home hurriedly. Then all of a sudden a black jeep pulled up next to me. It was two of my friends. They were coming back from some party and they said, “hey how’s it going?”

“I’m being chased”, I responded. I think the combination of confusion, disbelief and driving alongside a biker on a busy road caused them to simply drive away. Leaving me alone but free and clear? As I check behind me for the pickup.

I continued frantically pedaling until I got to the Auto Port where I took a break behind the club house. But shortly after getting out of sight I saw headlights behind me. I didn’t wait to see whose they were because I knew they were the pickup’s. I jumped the curb rode through the grass toward Atherton. I then biked across Atherton, through the Ramada Inn’s parking lot and into a neighborhood.

After riding around there for a few minutes I found a bike path, assuring my freedom. The path led me to suburbia. I was surrounded by hundreds of the same houses. The place was fully lit with street lights, but there wasn’t a soul in sight.

After being trapped in this creepy maze for 20 minutes I found my way to Whitehall. From there I headed to safety, the outskirts. I told them my story, and finally got in contact with Majesty, who safely made it home.


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