The Sweet Sweet Smell of Dumpster

This morning I opened the refrigerator to that sweet sweet smell of dumpster. I can’t really explain it to someone who hasn’t smelled it. It’s a combination hundreds of things from the dumpster. Don’t worry it’s not a bad smell, but it takes some time to warm up to.

And of course I’m smelling that coming from my fridge because I finally found a dumpster in the Philly area. After a bunch of googling, it seems like the best place is outside of the city in Ardmore at a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s there. We couldn’t find the dumpster for the Trader Joe’s, but we found the one for the Whole Foods. Leaving us blessed with thousands of grape and cherry tomatoes, thousands of leafy greens, some mangoes and cantaloupes.

I made the trek with one of my college friends from freshman year, and his girlfriend. Once there we also found goodies in nearby CVSs, Paneras, Rite Aids, and unsuccessfully explored many other dumpster. While it wasn’t a great haul in comparison to State College, it was oh so nice to be eating from the dumpster yet again.

This will help reinvigorate my search for bountiful dumpster within the city.

I’m going to leave you now with a TV special that reminded me why I dove, and got me off my ass and riffling through them dumpster. (the more interesting part is part 2 if you don’t feel like watching the whole thing).
The Big Waste


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