Sickness, Movies and Delirium

On Friday I woke up, ate breakfast, put the finishing touches on my resume and went out to print it and hand it out. Turns out it was raining. And I was getting sick. So after printing out the resumes I retired to bed. Starting my day so strong and finishing it so soon.

I spent the rest of the day at home with the multi-week-long illness that I’ve heard so much about. Don’t worry, I’m feeling fine. It’s really not that bad. I’m really just hoping that taking it really easy will shorten it’s length from weeks to days. Also it turns out that being sick is very complementary to being unemployed. Now I HAVE to stay home and do nothing, it’s like I’m being productive while being not productive.

The rest has also improved my pop culture knowledge. So far I’ve watched a lot of Seinfeld, Dark Knight and Moneyball. The later two were very good. I’ve also got a long list of movies I’ve picked out for the future: The Network, The King’s Speech, The Great Dictator, Groundhog Day, Into the Wild and Inception. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

As for things to look forward to this week:
On Monday I’m finally going into meet Keswick Cycle’s Owner. I’m hoping/thinking this means I have a job very very soon.
On Tuesday I have PAT and I get to hangout with one of my friends from PAT afterwards.

As for delirium(noted in the title) I’ve noticed that something that often comes with illness is a hint of delirium. Like talking to yourself and singing to yourself, maybe even some lethargic dancing. What is it about colds that brings out the crazy in us? I thought it was the fever, but I don’t think I have one. Either way the delirium brings an added bit of excitement to colds. I mean what’s more exciting when you’re sick than drowsy dancing and singing to yourself about nonsense?


2 thoughts on “Sickness, Movies and Delirium

  1. I recommend gallons of orange juice. This worked for Malibu and me. Hunter S. Thompson would recommend eating a carload of grapefruit.

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