I Got a Job!

That’s right, funemployment is over. Time to get back to the real world.

I’ll be working at Keswick Cycles splitting my time between their branch in University City (West Philly) and Glenside (just north of Philly).

I found out this afternoon when I was supposed to meet with the boss at Keswick. Turns out I, again, didn’t meet the boss. His kid had a fever of 101 so he had to rush to school and pick him up. But I talked to the head mechanic who told me the good news. He also told me I’ll be making 9.50 an hour, which ain’t to bad.

The extra good new is that I’m pretty sure I’ll be working as a mechanic instead of just a builder (like at RBR). Building is one of the lower jobs at a bike shop, you just build up new frames from boxes. Mechanic is when you get to fix bikes up. This is exciting too because it’ll be my first formal experience as a mechanic. Well on my way in the bicycle industry!


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