Goodbye Sickness, Hello Work and Daydreams

That’s right after one a few days my sickness is almost gone. I was preparing for weeks of sickness but apparently I caught something different. After 5 days of feeling sick, 2 jugs of orange juice, and 2 grapefruits I’m almost feeling back to normal. Right in time for me to start work.

That’s right I could start work as soon as tomorrow and as late as Sunday. My tentative schedule is Thursday, Friday, Saturday working in Glenside, and Sunday and one weekday in University City. I think at first I’ll be working only 20 hours a week, a great transition into working again. Slowly.

As for getting to Glenside I was talking to the head mechanic at their University City branch and he said it was a nice ride out that way. A ride he sometimes takes just to ride. I figured that wasn’t to far, but I forgot what ride means to most cyclists. It’s 15 miles, or about an hour and a half away from Fairmount, even farther from University City, where I may be living soon.

I’ll be driving at first, but I plan on working my way up to biking to work. Apparently they even have a shower there, so there a bunch to look forward too. And I will also have a bunch of training done for the upcoming bike trip!

I have no idea when this bike trip is going to happen, but I would like it to happen at the latest within 2 years. And honestly, 2 years feels a little too long to me. The current plan is to go to the North West. I’m thinking maybe southern Canada, or maybe just Michigan. Ideally we would make the loop around Lake Michigan, but that means a 2,000 mile round trip.

Anyway, let me know if you are interested. It’s not going to be this summer, because then I would loose my job. But it could be as soon as late fall this year. Don’t worry it can’t happen without at least a couple of y’all.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Sickness, Hello Work and Daydreams

  1. Im ready to drop everything and go on a bike trip. I’ve been working continuosly for like 16 months straight. Thats way too long!

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