Things are Falling into Place

Today is my fourth day of work, and it’s great so far. I’ve worked at both branches now and while I disappointed at having to commute to Glenside, I actually enjoy working there. The work and the people are all different and it’s not bad working at two places, it’s actually nice.

Current Schedule:
Thursday 10:45 -7:30
Friday 10:45 -7:30
Saturday 9:45 -5:30
Sunday 11:45 -4:30
Monday 10:45 -7:30
Tuesday OFF
Wednesday OFF

The store at Glenside is much bigger with hundreds of bikes and in a more uppity area. This leads to lots of tune ups of ritzy bikes and dealing with older people and families. Meanwhile the University city store has a lot of college students, and you work on average level bikes. Apparently there is a lot of spoke replacement from the trolly tracks too, which ain’t bad because I love truing wheels.

The other major benefit of Glenside is that I go out to an area where food is cheaper, and dumpster are more plentiful. After one day of diving I found myself with lots of chips, celery, lettuce, peppers, garlic and even more that I left behind. When I go back this week I’ll see what else is there, and try to find some more dumpsters to pilfer. Maybe I’ll get lucky enough and return to my freegan lifestyle entirely.

Yesterday at University city I had the pleasure of hanging out with the guys working there after hours. We chatted and drank beer for a little over an hour. The people are nice, obsessed with bikes and overall welcoming people. I have chatted with the folks in Glenside, but haven’t done much beyond that. I know that most bike shops are pretty tight knit, some I’m guessing I’ll start getting to know them better too.

All this is happening while I am finding my crowd in Philly. People are happy to have me around, so happy that they are fighting over who I sit next to. All of this has left me with feelings of glee. I had a hard few months in Philly at first, and now everything seems to be falling into place. I have friends and a job that I enjoy, all that’s left is finding a place to live.


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