How to Catch a Mouse

Don’t give him a cookie that’s for sure. We all know where that goes. I’m going to reiterate what Stephen Colbert said, “You shouldn’t give a mouse a cookie. The mouse should earn the cookie.” or I guess more correctly what Maurice Sendak (and most people) think about that, “You should open the door and say, ‘Get the hell out of my house!'”

That’s just what I had to tell my mouse, but I had to find him first. My first glimpse at is was a couple weeks ago when I saw a grey shadow run from behind the sink to behind the toaster and then hear it go behind the oven. It was dark so I didn’t see much. And I later heard the same noise from behind the oven and figured it was nothing. I mean nothing was broken into, or eaten.

Then I finally saw the little guy. He ran from under the refrigerator to under the oven. He scared the crap out of me. I don’t know what it is about mice, but when they are running on the floor unexpectedly they are so scary.

I made a half-ass trap to catch him, but it didn’t work. Instead he ate my little peanut butter coated cracker and pooped all over the counter top in at least 2 different places. Now I new I couldn’t put up with him anymore, pooping on the counters is simply disrespectful. So I improved my trap. Utilizing some information from this website, I built a trap.

I used a paper towel roll to make sure he would actually fall instead of just eating the peanut butter sandwich again. The paper towel works as a great tunnel, which mice love! This also meant the mouse didn’t know it was walking off a cliff. Here was my set up:

After a fun day out and about I found the mouse hiding in the paper towel roll, terrified and surrounded by it’s own poop. After taking a picture of the little guy I let it out down the street, hoping it might make the trek to the park and live there happily. But who knows maybe it’s a house mouse, If so I can’t imagining any of them having a long life, but it also makes me worry that the mouses’ partner is still in the apartment. I guess I’ll find out soon enough, let’s hope the answer is no.


One thought on “How to Catch a Mouse

  1. There WAS another one. Just a little guy, about half the size of the first guy. Don’t worry that is all, I set another trap and no mice.

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