Exciting times in Glenside

Sorry I haven’t posted recently, I’ve been really busy. The whole working full time has caught me off guard, I’m still learning to better manage my time. So here has what you’ve missed:

My job is going very well. I’m doing a good job in good time and I’m learning a lot about what I haven’t done before. They even let me do an overhaul yesterday (full tune up of the bike including taking apart wheel bearings and cleaning the drive chain).

On Thursday I overheard Nick, the head mechanic, talking to what I assumed was the Bossman. He wasn’t being hush hush about it, I think he actually wanted me to hear him. He said, “Chris is really a big help,” a few times and said that work I was doing was good. After his call he talked to me and asked me if I would be interested in working at Glenside temporarily. I said that I would like to spend at least one day at their University City branch (UC), since I will soon be living right near there.

He said that he would really like me to work he more even if it was just one more day. He also said, “We could give you more money.” I got really excited when he said that, $9.50/hr ain’t great. He said I should talk to Bossman about money, “you and him can work things out.”

Yesterday I finally met Bossman. I didn’t know it until I was talking with him. He brought up working at Glenside more and that’s when I brought up more money! He then motioned me to move into an area with no one around and asked, “What are we paying you?”

“9.50,” I responded.

“How about we bump you up to 10 because it sounds like you’re doing good work and if you keep it up then we’ll bump you up again.”


Now I know I didn’t take that very well, but I did it. Hopefully next time I’ll press for even more, I would’ve liked to be bumped up to 10.50 but maybe I can get my next bump up to 11! I must say that trying to get a raise is way harder than I thought. I’m pretty sure it would’ve been a little easier if I had even known that was Bossman.

The other exciting news is that soon I’m going to be taking the train up to Glenside. I’ve got to figure the whole deal out, but I’ll have a bit more free time to just relax if that works out. I know there is a train right near my work, but I don’t know where I get on at yet.

I’ll work on writing more often, I know a 3-day hiatus is a bit much. Hopefully other people also join in writing *hint hint* to make it more easy for me and more exciting for you!


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