Onwards, West Philly on the Portside

That’s right the boat of life is taking me to West Philly. I’m leaving this desolation of young families and old people to join the rebellious youth and students in West Philly. I’ve been looking for places to move for just over a week.

So far I’ve seen nice places, expensive places, shitty places, and places filled with douchebags. One of the places had a porch with a view of a gravel parking lot, one place was a shit sty and things started falling over when I was there, and one place had dogs that nearly bit my hands off.

After this tour of West Philly I’ve narrowed it down to two promising places. Place one is a house on 40th and Green. It’s just across the river from where I am and it’s in a neighborhood with real people, but close enough to happening places. It’s a house recently bought by a grad student, she’s nice and is looking for more people to join the one student and old great dane that currently lives there. She wants to make sure the house dynamics are good, and wants everyone on the same page. The room there is a rock bottom price of $325 a month and is a good size. The basement is also up for grabs as well as a bit of office space.

The other place I’m interested in seems cool but I have yet to see it. It’s almost exactly 20 blocks west of where I am living now, right near place one. It seems like the house is in a similar situation the difference is that it is a queer friendly coop. And I love coops, I sorta lived in one during college and would love to do it again. This place is $410 a month including all utilities, and I’m seeing it tonight. I’m leaning towards this one as it seems like it would be a fun time and a good way to meet people, but we’ll see tonight.

Either way I’ll be moving there quite soon, with both of them having rooms open by the latest March 15th.


One thought on “Onwards, West Philly on the Portside

  1. I really liked the Coop and the people, which were very nice, but I didn’t feel comfortable where it was. There were a lot of abandoned houses around and I just wasn’t feeling it.

    So I’ve contacted the person at 40th and Spring Garden and am hoping that will work out!

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