Doing what you love, Loving what you do

Today someone came into Keswick Cycle and started talking about doing what you love. He was a personal trainer, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy his work. He mentioned a blog/book that he appreciated, The Art of Nonconformity. Then he looked at us and said, “you must love your work, right?”

The three of us, mechanics, responded with nods and “yes.” Because yes, we really do enjoy our work. There is a lot of satisfaction we get out of fixing bikes, being able to work on bikes, and we all have a love of bicycles so being able to be around them all day is a blessing.

The don’t dread the days I go to work, but actually enjoy them. I enjoy finding and fixing problems on bikes, I enjoy tuning them up. Despite having done this for years now, it still doesn’t feel that monotonous. I think that’s because each bike is different, and brand new project, You are never working with the same thing.

I delve into each bike and spend a long time on each of the problems on the bike. Forgetting what time it is and how long I’ve taken. I get so into this work that I often don’t realize I should eat lunch until around 3, and sometimes get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I put off eating until 4 or 5.

By the end of the day I am ready to leave work, but it isn’t like other jobs. I’m never annoyed or tired. I more just want to go home, eat some dinner and do something else. I leave work and I actually feel good. Today I left work and when I was walking to the train station I felt awesome. Because today I realized that this was life. Life is work, getting there getting home, and enjoying your free time being with people you love and enjoy. I just felt content that I was having a fulfilling life, that I was enjoying, work, friends and even occasionally talking to and seeing all people I love. Overall, I could live this life for a few years, and I hope to.

Also a big part of it was knowing that there didn’t have to be anything next. There doesn’t have to be a plan, a next step, unlike the first 20 years of my life. This was the rest of my life and I was finally in control of it, I was finally taking the reigns and going where I wanted.

Finally, I want to leave everyone with a quote that I really appreciate, and thing everyone should strive to fulfill:
“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
-Howard Thurman


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