A list by Cider

I kinda hate blogging because I never end up blogging what I actually want to say. The format is too short; I always feel like I missed something crucial, and then I reread it days later and get self-critical, and it’s a downward spiral from there. Hence my absence from the casbalog. So that’s why I’m going to borrow Mother’s list style that makes it clear that I’m not even going to try to give the full story. OK:

  • I recently heard that Majesty and (possibly) Yeti are stopping by NY in June, and then Majesty is moving on to Thailand (or… somewhere in Asia) and then Australia. That’s awesome.
  • This morning M and I went to an outdoor class/hike led by a botanist from the New York botanical gardens. We ate white pine inner bark, garlic mustard, cleavers, bittercress, purple deadnettle, aspen buds, chickweed, mugwort, and likely some other things. Because we didn’t eat breakfast and forgot to bring lunch, it felt like we were surviving! out there in the wilderness (of Manhattan).
  • I’ve been climbing about twice a week and, as a result, can now do about half (meh ok a third) of a pull-up. Well on my way to a complete pull-up and then 5 and then 20, and then I can finally enter that manly contest you guys would have in the Casbah basement.
  • I’ve been in pain all over for about 7 months now. Also: muscle spasms, extreme tiredness, odd burning/tingling sensations, uncontrollable crying for long times … and exercise/stress only makes it all worse, blahblahblah. And no doctor can tell me why. (Though there are theories: toxicity, mitochondria don’t feel like working anymore, nerve damage, virus, mental problems, etc.) It’s terrible, but I think I’m finally getting over the self-pity stage and accepting that my situation won’t change soon. I’m getting acupuncture, some physical therapy, and teaching myself to think only about the present and not the potential thousands of painful moments up ahead. The process is all very … zen-like.
  • The pain is mostly why I’m fantasizing about eventually moving to a medical marijuana state. Suddenly I miss smoking on the beach and then in the car … with the cops pulling us over and commenting on our noise level but not on the smell of weed and wine.
  • I’m going to India in May. It’s exciting! And scary, because I have to come back with a good magazine story, but fortunately the scariness isn’t getting to me yet.
  • But until May I’m contracting for a publishing company, filling out spreadsheets. Whooooooo. I guess the gig is actually better than I’m making it out to be because it’s very meditative and fits in with all the zen I’m striving for.
  • M wants to say that they played Ratatat at the climbing gym, and it brought him right back to the Casbah kitchen.

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