The Bike Tire Belt Business

I told you about the starting of my Bike Tire Belt business a few months back. I started this because I couldn’t handle the mindlessness of unemployment and needed to do something. I couldn’t afford a sewing machine, but I could afford a pair of scissors and a leather punch. Since I’ve started I’ve had ten sales all due to my etsy page, Cycle Up Products.

I’ve also had the excitement of being contacted by Uncommon Goods requesting a sample and another etsy store that makes “Hipwear for Life.” I passed up the first offer, because I can’t feasibly make a hundred belts in the next month on top of my job, but I have accepted the second offer.

Miss Hipwear is going on tour of the United States hitting up different craft shows and we have a contract for an initial purchase of 10 belts, to see how they sell. She already liked her sample belt, and assuming she is able to sell some of these belts then I’ll be shipping even more out to her.

As for the future of CUP I plan on buying an industrial sewing machine this winter, when the bike season slows down, and making some wallets and purses out of inner tubes. Then I’m going to exploit Christmas shoppers by selling my products at various winter gift shows.

I’ve also been working on new product lines I’ll be selling at gift shows, such as spoke bracelets. I’ll upload a photo of that soon. I’ve also made some awesome stands, that could stand alone as modern art.


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