Yesterday, Today, busy busy busy

Yesterday went as follows:

-Wake up a new apartment, okay comfy air mattress, good solid sleep, good times.

The day started by me helping an Asian couple. They couldn’t speak English and had two Walmart bikes. I filled up their tubes, tried to talk to them more, talked to there son on their cellphone.
After much confusion they took the bikes, and the free air in the tires and tipped me $5.
The rest of the day was craziness.

-Post Work
When they days are crazy at Keswick, or the sales are good, we get beers. Today was crazy so we got beers. After a drink everyone loosens up and so far we’ve watched youtube videos, and made fun of people’s bikes. Today was the day was made fun of people’s bikes.
First it was Chris’s bike. He’s a new sales person and he rigged up this ridiculous pannier. I’m going to get a picture of it because I really like the idea. He used carabiners to clip the bag onto the rack.
Then it was my turn. Which lasted a lot longer because my bike is ridiculous. I’ll post a picture of it soon for those who haven’t seen the beaut. As for those who haven’t I’ll bullet point the different things they made fun of
-Biopace on a fixie (sheldon did it)
-Bull horns for psuedo aero bars and to replace brake hoods hand position
-The fact that I squeezed the dropouts in 10 mm to fit the fixed rear hub. (Little do they know I did the opposite on the front dropouts)
-mini brake lever next to stem (same as most fixie riders)

Went up the street to find myself lots of goodies
-Sliced Bread (lots)
-Salad greens
This was the most fun part, how do you carry 3 pizza boxes on a bike, when your backpack is full and you haven’t put a rack on yet?

No worries I got them home safe and sound.

Oh and to finish the day a bike ride. DONE!

-Work 9 to 7:30
-Get dinner with Gypsy in Chinatown

Life is so good and busy, more details when I’m not.


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