Full Metal Jacket

I used to think that Full Metal Jacket was a good movie but at the same time I was always fully aware that it was a Hollywood movie. I should have known to expect better from the  likes of stanley kubrick.

I watched a Doc called winter soldier a few years ago. It was an ensemble of Vietnam veterans brining there voice to speak out against the war. They did so by confessing the war crimes they witnessed and personally partook in.The connection between the movie and real life was chilling.

I also recently watched this Vice Documentary.  The chaos, absurdity, and violence are thrown in your face by Ben Anderson, a fearless BBC war corespondent. He ended up being entrenched with Afghan/British troops in heavy combat and 120 degree heat. One soldier said it was “probably the hardest day he has had in 17 years of service”. The combat shared a striking resemblance  to many of the combat scenes in Full Metal Jacket.

This blog has been a strange mix of comparing reality to fiction. More than show how great of a movie Full Metal Jacket, I wanted to take all the glory away from combat and get closer to  what war really is.

I would also like to recommend:

War is a Force that gives us meaning by chris hedges

On Killing by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman



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